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Transaction Based Solutions

Transaction Based Solutions

The moves and changes of any organisation can quite justifiably be described as complex. As you know, it involves the continual churn of 100's maybe 1000's or 10's of thousand of employees in multiple sophisticated buildings supporting mission critical business procedures and back offices.


The current commercial structure does not always adequately insulate some organisations against key areas of operational risk and may actually be inhibiting efficiencies. Thus, a move to a more efficient, more streamlined, more effective single point of contact is the next evolutionary step. Enabling improved service delivery and freeing the organisation to concentrate on planning, on strategic thinking, on their respective business.


And so Consolidated have been proactive and taken the task at hand to make the complex simple, to enable organisations to move from a multi-supplier model to a one-stop-shop for all facilities, move management and storage requirements. This is augmented with the ability to provide analysis of organisations cost centers via Consolidated's true transaction based solutions. The transactional model is based on the allocation of unit costs to pre agreed specific tasks and services against tight services level agreements.


Key benefits of the transaction-based solutions include:


Our one-stop-shop allows for Service Provider, Contractor and Supplier to all form part of a single cohesive management structure - with that structure reporting directly to the client. And so, from the delivery of services on the front line, through to informed strategic thinking, efficient administration and comprehensive reporting, our evolving one-stop-shop allows us to deliver an integrated service to our clients.


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